It's all we ever wanted, it's all we ever needed: Are *NSYNC heading out on a reunion tour in 2024?

On Tuesday (Sept. 12), Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone reunited on stage at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards to present Taylor Swift the award for Best Pop video.

Their appearance at the 2023 VMAs marked the first time the group has been together in its entirety in 10 years. They briefly reunited in 2013 to join Timberlake on stage at the VMAs, where he performed and was awarded the coveted Video Vanguard Award. The group's reunion was brief, however, as they only performed a 2-minute medley of their hits "Bye Bye Bye" and "Girlfriend" before Timberlake took the spotlight again.

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On Wednesday (Sept. 13), *NSYNC, who broke up in 2004, announced their first new song together in more than 20 years. The group worked together on the track "Better Place" for the upcoming animated movie Trolls Band Together, which features Timberlake as a troll named Branch. The song is out Sept. 29.

In the film, Branch reconnects with his former boy band — a meta nod to Timberlake's real-life work with the chart-topping '90s and '00s band.

Is *NSYNC Touring Again?

*NSYNC's appearance at the VMAs and new song announcement naturally sparked a wave of optimism among fans who are now convinced the iconic boy band is readying a reunion tour of some sort.

The timing would make sense. After all, 2024 will mark exactly 20 years since the band first broke up — a noteworthy anniversary in millennial pop culture.

Plus, something like a Vegas residency, which requires less traveling, would be a no-brainer for the band. According to one TikTok user, the Sphere Las Vegas, which officially opens next year, even liked one of *NSYNC's Instagram posts about their VMAs reunion. Hmmm...

Meanwhile, Timberlake, the member who has been most successful as a solo artist and has likely been holding up the possibility of a full reunion for the group, hasn't released a new album in over five years.

His 2018 record Man of the Woods wasn't as well-received as his previous solo music, and his reputation has taken a hit in recent years, making it the perfect time to revitalize his career and legacy via a nostalgia tour.

But don't get too excited, *NSYNC fans...

According to TMZ, the boy band's VMAs-timed reunion was simply to promote their upcoming Trolls track, not to preface an impending world tour, no matter how highly anticipated.

A source with alleged "direct knowledge" told TMZ that the group has no imminent plans for a tour, concert or residency.

And while it's tearin' up our heart, we're still holding out hope.

Check out more eager reactions to the possibility of an *NSYNC reunion tour, below:

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