The City of Pittsfield had quite a bit of action on Thursday October 19th. Particularly Dalton Avenue where a successful on location radio broadcast took place for Berkshire Roots with Jax on our 'Townsquare Berkshire' Classic Hits Brand Whoopee FM. That was not the only thing I took place that night on Dalton Avenue as during the broadcast we heard a bunch of sirens rushing East.

Which Tire Store Were The Sirens Heading towards?

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We turn to "🎶Mavis Discount Tire, America's Discount Tire Store!🎶" Remember the radio jingle? Anyways it's located at 868 Dalton Avenue just East of where the Berkshire Roots broadcast took place. With all jokes aside, Mavis was robbed the night of Thursday, October 19th!

What went down during the robbery?

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Google Maps
loading... reports, the robber entered the building while two customers and store manager Daniel Pagan was in the restroom. That's where the perp made his way behind the counter to snatch the cash drawer which had about $350-$400 inside and made a getaway.

Like really? Is it really worth frightening people just for that amount of cash? Anyways witnesses have described that the suspect was approximately 5-foot to 5-and-a-half-feet tall and was wearing a black hoodie that he used to cover his face.

Were there any further incidents?

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Google Maps

Pagan stated that Pittsfield Police did a hell of a job, were here faster than he's ever seen them come, and he's glad everyone including the two customers, four employees were safe and that nobody was hurt. That’s all that matters to me right now.

This is a developing story as no further information is available at this time but you can READ ON:

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