Massachusetts consumers who purchased the tainted Jif peanut butter products have a reason to rejoice as the refund coupons are finally hitting our mailboxes. You probably remember a few months back, there was a recall on Jif peanut butter and Jif peanut butter-related items due to possible Salmonella contamination in the products. I know for a fact that some of the tainted peanut butter products were sold in Berkshire County as I had three jars of the peanut butter in question stored in my kitchen cupboard. In a recent update, I mentioned that getting the refund coupons from the J.M. Smuckers Company (the parent company of Jif) would be delayed a bit longer than originally anticipated. You can check out that article by going here.


According to the previous article, I mentioned how I received an email from Jif stating that I could expect my coupons by mid-September at the latest. As a result, I had September in mind as to when I would be seeing the Jif coupons in my mailbox.

Jif Came Through As I Was Pleasantly Surprised When I Checked My Mail This Past Tuesday

The refund coupons arrived in my mailbox this past Tuesday, Aug. 23 which was a pleasant surprise. A few people I know who were in the same boat as I received their coupons as well. If you didn't receive your coupons from Jif but are expecting to, this is what the coupons look like.

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One thing I realized after going through the process of getting the coupons through Jif is I probably could have just taken the jars to the grocery store and received a cash refund as some people said they did when they commented on my previous article. Oh well, I'm just happy I didn't throw my money away.

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