One thing that I find fun when traveling is discovering which bridges I'll be driving on. Some bridges are just so massive and breathtaking that the architecture alone can put me in amazement. Sometimes those bridges can be a little overwhelming to the point that I'm relieved once I reach the other side. Other bridges are just a small quick adventure with not too much to admire.

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Have You Ever Driven Over the Longest and Tallest Bridge in Massachusetts 

One particular bridge that beats out all of the others in New England when it comes to being the longest and tallest is The Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge (formerly the Mystic River Bridge). This particular bridge is a cantilever truss bridge that spans more than two miles from Boston to Chelsea over the Mystic River in Massachusetts. It was built between 1948 and 1950 and opened to traffic on February 2, 1950, replacing the former Chelsea Bridge. The 36-foot wide roadway has three lanes of traffic on each of the two levels with northbound traffic on the lower level and southbound traffic on the upper level. In addition, this bridge is the largest bridge in New England.

Below are a couple of videos of the Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge from the driver's perspective.

If you are looking for some historical information about the Tobin Bridge check out the video below. One funny comment in the video is from the then Deputy Director of the Bridge, Joseph Staub when he says "Anything that a human being is capable of has happened on the bridge." But he wouldn't share any

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