The Berkshire Humane Society's John Perrault joins "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" every Wednesday to talk about the "pet of the week" and more.

The Live 95.9 Pet Of The Week: Meet Uno

Hi, I'm Uno! I am an active young dog that is looking for a family that likes to go go go!! I love meeting new people and going on adventures!



An active family is a must for me, ideally someone with a large yard or who likes to walk a lot. I can be reactive on leash, but I am very food motivated which will help me a lot with my training.

I can be picky with the type of dogs I meet, and if someone rushed me without a heads up, I probably wouldn't like that, so my owners will need to be aware of their surroundings when we're out on walks.

Thankfully, since coming to the shelter I have made multiple doggie friends. I cannot be placed in a home with cats or small animals. I have lived with kids before and I would be open to meeting new kids to call my own.

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