One thing I love about the warmer weather is enjoying some sweet corn on the cob. As a kid, I loved it when my parents would drive over to Racine's Farm Stand on the Adams/North Adams line on Curran Highway and we would pick out some corn to have for dinner that evening. It was a thrill for me as a youngster. I didn't mind doing the prep work of husking the corn because I knew in good time I would be sitting down to a sweet, delicious treat. Even today I get excited when I get to have corn in the summertime.

When is the Best Time to Pick and Enjoy Sweet Corn on the Cob in Massachusetts?

If you're like me, you can't wait to get your hands on some corn but obviously, we have to be a little patient. I mean you want to be able to enjoy sweet corn at its absolute peak, right? According to the Massachusetts Harvest Calendar, sweet corn is available for picking on the early side around July 15 but the most active and peak time to pick and enjoy corn is between Aug. 1 and Sept. 15. The later end of that is around October 15.

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So we have some waiting to do before we can enjoy some sweet corn at its absolute best but I think we can agree that it's totally worth it and just another thing to look forward to regarding the upcoming summer season in Massachusetts. Bon appetit.

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