The 4th of July holiday is right around the corner and people all over Massachusetts will be celebrating.

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Some of the holiday traditions people will partake in include cookouts, going to the beach, hosting parties, attending parades, playing backyard games and more.

One of the big traditions people love to attend is fireworks shows and Massachusetts folks are in for a big treat this week as there will be fireworks displays throughout the Bay State.

Thanks to our friends at we have included a list of fireworks displays that will be taking place in Massachusetts from July 1 right through the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Haverhill7/01/20249:15 PMRiverside Park – 163 Lincoln Ave.7/02/2024
Chatham7/02/2024DuskVeteran’s Field – 150 Depot Rd.N/A
Cohasset7/02/20249:15 PMBarge off Sandy Beach7/06/2024
Foxborough7/02/20249:00 PMParking lot – Two Patriot PlaceN/A
Hadley7/02/20249:15 PM300 Stadium Drive7/08/2024
Orleans7/02/20249:00 PMBarge off Rock Harbor Beach7/07/2024
Stoughton7/02/20249:00 PM232 Pearl St.7/07/2024
Tewksbury7/02/20249:30 PM286 Livingston St.7/07/2024
Andover7/03/20249:20 PMAndover H.S. – 80 Shawsheen Rd.N/A
East Longmeadow7/03/20249:30 PM180 Maple St.N/A
Fitchburg7/03/202410:00 PM83 Hazel St.7/07/2024
Foxborough7/03/20249:00 PMParking lot 51 – Two Patriot PlaceN/A
Foxborough7/03/20249:00 PMTwo Patriot Place – Practice FieldN/A
Freetown7/03/20249:00 PMAssonet Burial Ground – South Main St.7/13/2024
Gloucester7/03/20249:30 PMStage Fort Park – Fort Area – 1 Hough Ave.7/06/2024
Lawrence7/03/20249:30 PMField across from HS – 71 North Parish Rd.7/05/2024
Lynn7/03/20249:00 PMBarge near Red Rock – 76 Marine Blvd.7/05/2024
Manchester7/03/20249:15 PMBarge 300 yds off Signing Beach – Beach St.7/05/2024
Mashpee7/03/20249:15 PM130 Willowbend Drive7/12/2024
Needham7/03/20249:30 PMNeedham HS Parking lot – 609 Webster St.N/A
Randolph7/03/20249:30 PMRandolph HS baseball field – 70 Memorial Pkwy.7/05/2024
Rutland7/03/20249:20 PMBehind DPW garage – 17 Pommogussett Rd.7/05/2024
Sharon7/03/20249:30 PMBarge on Lake Massapoag – 196 Pond St.7/07/2024
South Deerfield7/03/20249:00 PMOpen field @ Tree House Brewing – 1 Community Place7/06/2024
South Hadley7/03/20249:30 PM100 Mosier St.7/05/2024
Webster7/03/20249:00 PMMemorial Beach on Thompson Rd.7/06/2024
Weymouth7/03/20249:15 PMBarge off Wessagussett Beach–Wessagussett Rd.N/A
Worcester7/03/20249:00 PMInstitute Park – 82 Salisbury St.N/A
Acton7/04/20249:30 PMBehind Nara Park – 25 Ledge Rock Way7/05/2024
Agawam7/04/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Amesbury7/04/20249:30 PM223 Lions Mouth Rd.7/06/2024
Beverly7/04/20249:15 PMBarge 800’ off West Beach – 121 West St.7/05/2024
Boston7/04/202410:30 PM5 barges in Charles River7/05/2024
Bridgewater7/04/20249:30 PMLegion Field – 200 South St.7/05/2024
Chatham7/04/20249:15 PM3 Barges off Wequassett Inn7/05/2024
Edgartown7/04/20249:15 PMEdgartown Harbor7/05/2024
Fall River7/04/20249:30 PMBarge in Taunton River – 1338 Davol St.7/05/2024
Falmouth7/04/20249:00 PMBarge off Falmouth Beach – Gifford St.7/05/2024
Greenfield7/04/20249:30 PM89 Wisdom Way7/05/2024
Lowell7/04/20249:00 PMPedestrian Walkway – Aiken Street7/05/2024
Marblehead7/04/20249:15 PMBarge in Marblehead Harbor – Commercial Street Wharf7/05/2024
Mashpee7/04/20249:00 PMGolf Course – 20 Red Brook Rd.7/05/2024
Nahant7/04/20249:00 PMBailey’s Point Park – Bass Point Rd.7/07/2024
Nantucket7/04/20249:00 PMBarge off Jetties Beach7/05/2024
New Bedford7/04/20249:00 PM7 Fish Island7/12/2024
Newton7/04/20249:15 PMAlbemarle Field – 250 Albemarle Rd.7/05/2024
North Adams7/04/20249:15 PM400 Curran Highway7/05/2024
Pittsfield7/04/20249:30 PMPittsfield Cemetery – 203 Wahconah St.N/A
Pittsfield7/04/20249:15 PMWahconah and Campbell Streets7/05/2024
Plymouth7/04/20249:30 PM3 Barges in Plymouth Harbor – Town Wharf7/05/2024
Provincetown7/04/20249:00 PMMacMillian Pier – 24 MacMillian Wharf7/05/2024
Salem7/04/20249:00 PMSalem Maritime Nt’l Historic Site – 160 Derby St.8/10/2024
Salisbury7/04/202410:15 PMSalisbury Beach - barge 1000’ ft from shoreN/A
Springfield7/04/20249:30 PMMemorial Bridge7/05/2024
Wakefield7/04/20249:30 PMEnd of Beacon St.7/05/2024
Williamstown7/04/20249:15 PM19 Meachum St.TBD
Winthrop7/04/20249:00 PMCoughlin Park – 30 Bay View Ave.7/05/2024
Worcester7/04/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Agawam7/05/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Lexington7/05/20249:30 PMLexington HS Baseball field – Worthen Rd.N/A
Middleborough7/05/202410:00 PMBattis Field/Pierce Playground – Jackson St.N/A
Milford7/05/20249:30 PMClark Island7/06/2024
Osterville7/05/20249:30 PM2 Barges in Tims Cove – Cove Lane7/06/2024
Worcester7/05/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Agawam7/06/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Charlton7/06/20249:30 PM129 Sturbridge Rd.7/07/2024
East Brookfield7/06/20249:15 PMOld Landfill – Connie Mack Drive7/07/2024
East Otis7/06/20249:15 PMSargent Rd.7/13/2024
Franklin7/06/202410:00 PMHigh School – 218 Oak St.N/A
Greenfield7/06/20249:35 PMPoet’s Seat Tower – Mountain Rd.7/07/2024
Marion7/06/20249:15 PMBarge off Silver Shell Beach – Front St.7/07/2024
Methuen7/06/20249:30 PMExit 4 off-ramp of MA-Route 213 – Pleasant Valley St.7/13/2024
North Andover7/06/20249:30 PMHayes Stadium – 495 Main St.7/07/2024
Salisbury7/06/202410:15 PMSalisbury Beach - barge 1000’ ft from shoreN/A
Uxbridge7/06/20249:00 PM62 Capron St.7/07/2024
Oakham7/07/20249:30 PMBarge on Lake Dean – 203 Bechan Rd.7/13/2024

If you're like me hopefully you have Friday, July 5th off so you can really enjoy the show without having to worry about feeling sleepy for work the next day. You can check out even more Massachusetts fireworks shows beyond the July 4th weekend by going here.

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