There was chatter of Super Bowl 55 all morning with Slater and Marjo. Yes, Tom Brady on his 10th trip to the big game, won his 7th ring.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

Brady has surpassed Joe Montana (4 rings) by three now and joins Peyton Manning in terms of winning with two different franchises.

Even if you're not into regular season football, the Super Bowl really has something for everyone. The commercials. The halftime performance. Tom Brady! many watched last night?

The most-watched Super Bowl ever was XLIX, on February 1, 2015, between The Patriots and The Seahawks. 114,442,000 people watched that game.

Given the fact that Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls with NE, you knew viewership was gonna be high in the Boston market.

It was. Like, the second most-watched Super Bowl ever!

Sports Business Journal media reporter John Ourand tweeted,

The 57.6 rating in Boston marks the second best Super Bowl rating in that market, beating the Boston DMA ratings for most of the Patriots Super Bowls.

Tampa Bay recorded a rating of 52.3 rating, according to

More people in the Boston area watched TB12 and the Bucs than in Tamp Bay!

This shouldn't come as a shock to most people given the fact that Tom Brady is an iconic quarterback, the GOAT, if you will.

The 43 year-old Brady shows no signs of stopping and is looking forward to a chance at his 8th ring.

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