The new year brings about new change, especially if you're trying to buy Tobacco products in Massachusetts.

Although the City of Pittsfield changed their laws in 2016, the legal age to buy cigarettes anywhere in Massachusetts is now 21.

Along with raising the minimum age to purchase from 18 to 21 for buying cigarettes, pharmacies cannot sell tobacco products, a law that Berkshire County embraced two years ago as well. The new laws also ban the use of e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited, meaning if you are legally prohibited from smoking cigarettes somewhere, than you are legally prohibited from using e-cigarette products there as well.

The higher purchase age for cigarettes and other tobacco products in the state kicked in this past Monday, Dec 31, nearly 14 years after the town of Needham, MA became the first in the country to ban tobacco sales to people under 21 years old.

Before the law went into effect in the Bay State, 194 out of the 351 cities in town in Massachusetts had already pushed the age to 21. Massachusetts is now the sixth state in the country to raise the age to purchase.


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