A popular local eatery in the Berkshires is going to be changing ownership for the first time in nearly 50 years.

This particular local Pittsfield spot has seen the local community grow up around it throughout the 48 years of ownership under Joanne Longton. Joanne recently took to social media to announce that Joanne's Elm Street Luncheonette in Pittsfield will now be passed on to new owners.

Joanne recently told iBershires.com that she will be heading into retirement, but expects the local Pittsfield joint to keep the same hometown vibe that so many local Pittsfield residents throughout the community have grown up with.

Many people have also recently been in to say goodbye to her longtime "best employee ever", Evelyn, who is also headed for retirement.

It was back in 1974 that Joanne bought the Elm Street Luncheonette. Since then, the history of the unique spot in Pittsfield has collected lots of memories from customers that have been documented in photos over the past several decades.

While today, January 30th, was officially the last day for Joanne and the crew at Joanne's Elm Street Luncheon, Joanne took time to also introduce her successor, Shelly Strizzi.

As the social media post of the announcement of the new owner mentions, Strizzi has been in the business for over 30 years along with spending some of that time at the luncheonette in the past. It seems that one change coming is that the local Pittsfield eatery will no be open on Sundays. They also note that February 6th will be the first at the spot under Strizzi's ownership. If you haven't been lucky enough to check out the spot yet, it's at 123 Elm Street in Pittsfield.

Congrats to Joanne Longton on an amazing tenure at the helm of Joanne's Elm Street Luncheonette and thanks to you and all of your crew throughout the years for creating such a great local establishment! Best wishes to you in your retirement!

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