Some of you faithful WUPE listeners in Berkshire County may recall earlier this year(back in May, as a matter of fact) we did a post regarding a popular Massachusetts vacation getaway that approved a measure that would allow women to go topless on private and public beaches. Do you remember which town that was?

Here are a few hints: Beautiful dune-packed beaches. Steepled churches. Boutiques. Restaurants. Cobblestoned streets. The Gardiner's Corner sign. Brant Point Lighthouse. The Whaling Museum. Any guesses yet?

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You got it! The "Grey Lady" herself, Nantucket. Back in May, at a town meeting, Nantucket residents approved the proposal, voting 327 to 242 in favor. All the measure needed to become law was the endorsement of Attorney General Maura Healey.

Finally, yesterday, Tuesday, December 6th, seven months later, AG Healey gave her approval. The current state law says only men can go topless in public. Women who remove their tops could possibly face up to three years in prison and a $300 fine.

According to the town of Nantucket's website, AG Healey's article(entitled "Gender Equality on Beaches") states in part:

In order to promote equality for all persons, any person shall be allowed to be topless on any public or private beach within the Town of Nantucket.

Healey's decision also states that the bylaw will not go into effect until the town has satisfied all posting and publishing requirements. Also according to the town's website, the measure is specific to beaches. It does not include parking lots, concession areas, or playgrounds separated from a beach.

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