Voters in the City of Pittsfield went to the polls yesterday as the city held its preliminary election. There were City Council Races in Wards 5 and 6, and a four-way race for Mayor.

In Ward 5 Patrick Kavey and Jonathon Lothrop will advance to the November 5 general election, finishing with 409 and 356 votes respectively. Gene Maselli, the third contender in Ward 5 came in with 103 votes.

In Ward 6, Dina Guiel Lampiasi and Joe Nichols advance.  They finished with 533 and 215 votes respectively.  The other two candidates, Edward Carmel and Craig Gaetani, garnering 93 and 54 votes respectively.

In the race for Mayor, Councilor at Large Melissa Mazzeo was the top vote-getter, with 2,860 votes or 47%, and incumbent Mayor Linda Tyer earned 2,571 votes or 44%.  Scott Graves garnered 343 votes and Karen Kalinowsky received 281. Mazzeo and Tyer will move on the general election on November 5.

According to City Clerk Michelle Benjamin 22% of eligible voters participated.

For a full breakdown of voter return by Ward, view the Results here.



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