It is a decision to be made that is nearly five years in the making.

Back in 2013, local attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo put a petition together to ban single use plastic bags in retail stores throughout the City of Pittsfield. That original petition has some serious legs currently, as one week ago the Pittsfield City Council, as well as the Pittfield Ordinance and Rules committee, discussed the topic and according to, the reaction was quite favorable.

Stores in Pittsfield, such as Guido's, have already made the transition several years ago. Living in Lenox, there has been a similar ban. What I will say about it is that it is all positive. Sure, there will be a transitional period to get used to it, but once that is over, you bring your own bags to the store and it's all good.

So we ask you Pittsfield residents -- are you in favor of a plastic bag ban throughout the city? Cast your vote below and Slater & Marjo will discuss the results on the Live 95.9 Morning Show on Friday.

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