The Question of the Week posts on our website have provided a lot of people weighing in on different community questions in the Berkshires, as well as the City of Pittsfield in general.

Throughout the process, a number of residents of the city have said that there are "bigger issues in the city" than a Toter program, or a ban on plastic bags. Perhaps, that is true, and if it is, let's find what those issues actually are.

Take this week's Question of the Week poll below; What is the No.1 issue hampering the City of Pittsfield, in your opinion. I, for one, feel that anywhere you go will have issues, but there may very well be some things that I am missing, and in some cases, a vast majority may be missing. There are a number of options to choose from, but if you choose "other", make sure you check the box and then fill out the form below with your thoughts if we may have missed it.

As always, thank you for participating.

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