Slater: "So, when did you decide to buy an old school bus and why"?

Craig: In April of 2020 while back home on my parent's couch getting ready to apply for jobs after a failed business adventure due to COVID, I reverse engineered my life plans and jumped right into buying an RV to go see the country. I decided to utilize some known talent in The Berkshires to build something amazing. That something amazing happened to be a 1999 Blue Bird TC2000 School Bus that we transformed into a solar-powered off-grid tiny home.


Slater: "Was your goal to travel the country solo amid the pandemic?"

Craig: Yes, after a failed engagement with my at the time significant other, I was looking to gain independence in pursuit of a better self which included self-reflection, abstinence from alcohol, no television, and simply reconnecting with nature.

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Slater: "With more people turning to alcohol for relief in this pandemic, how do you feel going now 450 days without it"?

Craig: The best I've ever felt, just clear-headed and excited for the future.

Slater: "How long did it take to transform the bus into what it is now"?

Craig: 200 days. I personally was responsible for designing, ordering all materials, and managing the project. I must give credit to Ed and Marion Loring of Ed Loring Builders, Jim and Richie at Housatonic Welding, Scott Pignatelli, Bob North Plumbing, my mom and dad, friends and family.

Slater: "So, the bus is complete. Where are you now and is the plan to tour the country"?

Craig: I'm currently in Greenville, SC, with plans for a full country solo road trip in 2021. Fortunately, at this time, I am able to work and earn money remotely from the bus and start touring the country at the same time.


Slater: "What would you say to folks thinking of doing something similar to what you've done"?

Craig: So, everything I own is on the bus. My mantra is "less is more", I've learned to value time more than money and collect memories, not things.

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