It was another Slater vs. Marjo challenge, this time, it was the annual "Toys For Tots" drive for families in need this holiday season. Teaming up this year was Bishop West Real Estate. Twas Peter West and Marjo Catalano vs. Corey Bishop and Bryan Slater.

In past years, Burger King was the primary location(s) for the popular toy drive, but this year, The Roasted Garlic (location of Team Slater) and The Hot Dog Ranch (location of Team Marjo) opened up their doors for the friendly competition.

Since we started participating in this fun and important competition, Marjo had always emerged victorious until this year. We tried to make as much noise as we possibly could via the Live 95.9 airwaves and, along with that, came the culmination of Lynne Soldato (Roasted Garlic) and Craig Benoit's (Hot Dog Ranch) friends, family and patrons' support.

The result was HUGE.

Slater and Roasted Garlic brought in 1209 toys and $50.00.  At $10 per toy, Slater’s grand total is 1,214 toys.


Marjo and the Hot Dog Ranch brought in 590 toys and $3,280.  At $10 per toy, Marjo’s grand total is 918 toys, meaning Slater is the winner for the first time ever in the Slater and Marjo battle for the kids!

Big thanks to Lynn Soldato at Roasted Garlic, Craig Benoit at Hot Dog Ranch and Corey and Peter at Bishop West Real Estate for underwriting this years Toys for Tots Battle for the Kids!

And a huge thanks to YOU, the public who donated toys and money to help kids this holiday season!

Below are two videos from Pittsfield Police Officer Darren Derby who donated a ton of toys.

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