Marjo has been known to tease me on-air about the fact that I was in a garage band back in my late 20's. It's true, my cousin Matt, my roommate Geoff, Matt's then-girlfriend Heidi, and I would write, produce, and record songs when we lived together between 2007-2010.

Like any other "band", we sucked at first, but then people started to like our songs more and more. We weren't great by any means; however, the experience was unforgettable. Between the late-night jam sessions, (usually intoxicated), the ideas that would emanate from them to the fights we had over the group's "sound" to some small live performances in town to the grueling recording, mixing, and mastering process, it was just an awesome experience.

Writing songs is very personal, and having your "art" judged is tough. Although my contribution to the group was primarily singing and co-writing, I did write a few songs, (painstakingly on the guitar), entirely by myself.

I was at a friend's brother's wedding when I realized that their marriage was doomed. The bride actually was offering pills to all who attended the "after after" party, I was mortified. This dude was such a nice guy who wanted to settle down, and she clearly was a monster.

That wedding was the inspiration for my two-minute song, "Dreamer", I wrote in 2008. I hope you like it.

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