When my pregnant wife tested positive for invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer), last September, I was in total denial. She had recently endured lots of physical and emotional pain stemming from a car crash the previous August.

When someone gets cancer, a little family forms, survivors and patients alike, and it's awesome. Our experience at the Cancer Center on Tor Ct. in Pittsfield has been awesome, the doctors, nurses, administrative staff, everyone. The band Whiskey City even put on a benefit for us.

But this blog is not about us, it's about a wonderful woman my wife Jorja met through her journey, Suzanne Zavatter, who's cancer has returned. Suzanne was recently written about on theberkhireeagle.com.

My wife's breast cancer type is very similar to Suzanne's, so naturally, they hit it off. They recently had lunch together, and talked and talked. She and her husband, Dale, who plays in Whiskey City, have three children and two grandchildren.

She's the strongest person I ever met - mentally strong and rock solid in her faith - and an incredible example for our children. -Dale Zavatter

In world of declining faith in God, Suzanne briefly questioned the existence of God, but soon after an answered prayer, her faith was restored. Although Suzanne's cancer was deemed terminal, she appears to be fearless and is leaving it up to God.

She visited Henry at Berkshire Hills Country Club to plan her daughter's upcoming wedding. That same day, she visited Rob at Dwyer Funeral Home to plan her own funeral.

Nobody really knows when their number is going to be called; however, to be given a terminal diagnosis with an estimated amount of time to live, and still have a positive and thankful outlook on life while helping others in the meantime, is exceptionally special. Bravo, Suzanne.




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