Have you guys seen these foot bathroom door openers at Target yet?

The pandemic changed things for many people. Common practices like opening a bathroom door, for instance.

While I was patronizing Target in Lanesborough, Massachusetts on Tuesday, my son needed to use the restroom.

Germophobia is not a chronic condition for me, but what I discovered yesterday was helpful for people who hate to touch public restrooms, I mean, who likes to do that?

The StepNpull


StepNpull is the brand name, but you get the idea.

To open, just step on the bracket screwed into the left side of the door, the bottom of your shoe or whatever will grip the metal teeth on the device and the door swings open without the use of your hands!


I had never seen these before!

A door swings two ways. One side you've got to pull, the other you can push.


Target's got you covered if you don't want to touch the bathroom door with your hands!

It's the little things in life, ya know?

I can only assume other Massachusetts retailers have similar hands-free bathroom door openers.

The point of this post was to inform the unaware all the while incorporating a little satire.

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