My mother will turn 70 in December. Although she's had her estate planning taken care of for years now, it was recently amended. The reason? The cost of long term care in Massachusetts is astounding.

This certainly shouldn't be shocking news to anyone. It's not like it has quadrupled in the last two years, however, if you need long term care, I hope you have long term care insurance which itself is very expensive.

The reason for my mother's amended estate plans is so her three sons can safely inherit was she has left over since my father is already deceased. Her home being the main valuable asset.

If one should need long term care in Massachusetts and cannot afford long term health insurance, Mass Health (Medicaid) is an option. If you ring up quite a large bill, however, before you die, they'll want to recuperate some of that money. Where are they gonna get it from? Your home most likely.

Can You Protect Your Home From Mass Health?


In fact, that's exactly what my mother did. She put her home in a trust with our three names on it. Is there a catch? Yes. There is a five year waiting period. For example, if she were to need costly long term care within the next five years, Mass Health could come after profits from an eventual sale of her home which we would then own.

So basically, money that was going to inheritors could be lessened.

So, How Much Is Long Term Health Care In Massachusetts?

Depends on what you need and where you live in the commonwealth.


As you can see, depending on the type of care you need and where you live, the cost varies. These costs are yearly.

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I hope you found this post informative.

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