Martin Scorsese’s next movie is set to be one of the most expensive he’s ever made, so it’s a good thing he found a home for it on Netflix, the one place seemingly willing to pay whatever a director asks for to realize their vision. As The Irishman nears the end of production, the budget has reportedly zoomed past the $140 million mark as the lengthy post-production process begins.

The Irishman is based on the true life story of mobster Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro, and includes multiple flashbacks featuring aged-down versions of De Niro that Scorsese is using Industrial Light and Magic’s VFX studios to accomplish, much the same way they were used for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The reason Scorsese’s latest project found a home at Netflix is because the streaming service was the only company willing to pay the original budget of $125 million (including Scorsese’s $10-15 million payday), but the rising costs of production, plus the lengthy post-production process, has rocketed the movie way past what it was originally going to cost, Deadline’s sources confirmed.

At this rate, The Irishman may overtake Scorsese’s most expensive movie to date, the visual effects-heavy Hugo, which had a budget of more than $150 million. It’ll definitely be Netflix’s biggest movie ever — yes, even bigger than Bright, if you can believe it — and, as a Scorsese film, will probably make for a strong contender during awards season in 2019.

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