What better way to get your day started than with a delicious breakfast. There are plenty of options too. Everything from eggs, avocado toast, yogurt, cereal, waffles, sausage, flavors upon flavors of pancakes and the list goes on and on. With all of the breakfast options available, you may wonder what some of the favorites are among Americans. Well, we have an answer for that.

MealFinds.com, conducted a poll of 3,479 Americans in order to determine a ranking from 1 to 50 of the country’s favorite signature breakfast dishes. Topping the charts, it was discovered that the Texas breakfast taco reigned supreme as America’s #1 signature breakfast meal. Do you find that hard to believe?  This iconic Tex-Mex inspired delicacy often comes wrapped in a shiny layer of aluminum foil, beneath which lies a small corn or flour tortilla folded around a filling of your choice, like eggs, bacon, sausage, refried beans, cheese and topped with salsa.

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Congratulations to Texas for coming in at #1. In second place was the State of Maine with their blueberry pancakes. That one is hard to argue. Have you ever had those? You'll want to eat 10. Massachusetts made the top 20 coming in at #19 with the Bay State's bacon maple donut. Oh yeah, it's mouth-watering time. This donut, in case you haven't had one, is fried, then topped with a creamy maple icing, and then topped with bits of bacon.  Are you drooling yet?

Below, we have the poll's Top 20 for you:

Based on a survey of 3,479 respondents; August 2021

Do any of the results surprise you? You can see the entire list (which contains all 50 states and research that was conducted in the poll0 by going here.

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