We're into the final countdown. There are less than two weeks remaining before the Christmas holiday.

Most people have gotten a jump on the holiday shopping season this year as fears of supply chain issues and shipping delays are on everyone's mind. So we know people are shopping early, but the real question is what are they buying?

Each holiday season brings on different gift trends (need we be reminded about the Tickle Me Elmo craze?) so what is the most popular holiday gift in Massachusetts for 2021? Believe it or not, it's the Apple iPad.

According to AT&T Experts, an analysis of holiday gifts most searched in Massachusetts shows the Apple iPad at the top of the list.

Massachusetts residents weren't the only ones searching for iPads this holiday season. Bay Staters were joined by folks in Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, and Oklahoma where iPads topped the list as well, according to the study.

According to AT&T's analytics, the PlayStation 5 was the most sought-after holiday gift in the United States this year topping the list in 15 states. Other popular items include Apple Air Pods, Roku Players, InstaPots, and the Nintendo Switch.

How exactly did experts arrive at these results? According to AT&T Experts, they "looked at Ahrefs keywords based on the domain Amazon.com, traffic, and volume. Then we ranked the keywords based on the estimated monthly organic search traffic of the website’s ranking page from a given keyword. From there, we took the top 10 keywords and used Google Shopping to break them down by state popularity over a 90-day period."


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