Okay, Berkshire County, let's talk...PIZZA! If you had to use one word to describe pizza, what word would you use? Mouthwatering? Scrumptious? Delectable? Exquisite? Tasty? Heavenly????

There are a lot of people on this planet Earth and I would guess roughly 80% of us LOVE PIZZA! Thin crust, deep dish, Brooklyn-style, Chicago-style, with anchovies and pineapple, without anchovies and pineapple, so many styles, sauces, and toppings to choose from. It's an absolute must for most. Simple fact.

Recently Clever Real Estate, the national brokerage that pairs agents with folks looking to buy or sell a home, conducted a study using different metrics and came up with the 50 Best Pizza Cities in the Country.

The metrics used included everything from restaurant data, geographical data, Google Trends search data, a survey of 1,000 Americans, and more to come up with their findings.

Say what you will about Detroit, Michigan. It might be one of the most dangerous cities with one of the highest crime rates in America, but damn! They love pizza! For the second year in a row, Detroit is the best city in the country for pizza. On average, Detroit has the lowest prices and the highest online searches for pizza.

Boston, Massachusetts is impressively ranked on the list. Boston is the 3rd best city for pizza! Boston ranked above average in every single metric Clever used. Beantown even had a "pizza passion" score that was 28% higher than average!

In the survey of 1,000 people, when asked to name their top 5 pizza cities, 15% included Boston as one of their faves. By the way, that is the best result for any New England city!

And speaking of New England, Hartford, Connecticut is the 2nd best city for pizza. Nicely done, New England! To find out the rest of the "best" cities for pizza(or the worst cities, for that matter) please visit Clever Real Estate's website here.

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