As we approach the end of January (holy crap, how did that happen?) Netflix unveils it's monthly list of what new additions we'll see on the streaming services, and what we will say audios to as we slide into February. If you're planning a "Netflix and Chill" date for Valentine's Day, or just want to hibernate on the couch for the shortest month of winter, you'll definitely want to peruse the the full list.

Lucky for you, I pulled out some highlights.

All FIVE, yes FIVE American Pie movies will me available, nothing says love like watching a young Jason Biggs fornicate with homemade pastry. Meet the Parents (a movie I quote daily) and its equally as funny sequel Meet the Fockers are perfect for a cold winter night when you just want to laugh. "I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?"

Fans of Talk Soup will be pumped to check out Joel McHale's return to the small screen with his original Netflix series The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, where no one in pop culture will be safe from his taunts.

Another original series that I'm dying to check out, is Coach Snoop. The documentary which was originally filmed for AOL, back in 2016,  and follows rapper Snoop Dogg, detailing his efforts to mentor young athletes and create opportunities for them to compete at the highest level of youth football. I always knew Snoop had a soft side.


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