Seven members of the Pittsfield Police Department were recognized Monday night (Dec. 10) at Taconic High School for earning promotions.

According to, Chief Michael Wynn joked that the Pittsfield Fire Department has been making the PPD look bad when it comes to honoring Pittsfield's finest with their formal pinning ceremonies in the last couple of years.

Wynn served as Master of Ceremonies as Michael Grady and Matthew Kirchner were promoted to captain, Thomas Dawley, Glen Decker, and John Soules were promoted to lieutenant, and James Parise and Ryan Williams were promoted to sergeant.

Each promoted officer was pinned with their new badge by loved ones. One by one the walked to the center of the stage to receive their recognition.

Mayor Tyer was on hand at the open to the public event to congratulate and remark on the officers' achievement.

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