As part of its new At-Home in Pittsfield Housing Repair Program, the City of Pittsfield is establishing a list of pre-qualified contractors who will work with homeowners participating in the program which is set to begin this spring.

At-Home in Pittsfield, an exterior renovation loan program, enables eligible homeowners to renovate the outside of their homes through a combination of funding from local lenders and the City of Pittsfield. The program is designed to assist residents who do not have access to traditional financing.

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The city is investing $500,000 towards the program, which will be managed by the Department of Community Development rehabilitation staff. Eligible repairs that can be funded through the program include roofing replacement; window and door replacement; porch repairs or replacement; chimney repairs; and siding replacement.

Mayor Linda Tyer said having pre-qualified contractors will help to streamline the process for all parties.

“We want to ensure that when we’re ready to start this initiative, we have a robust pool of qualified contractors on hand to get this work done. It’s equally important that we do all that we can to support our homeowners throughout the renovation project,” she said.

The following are the minimum contractor qualifications for At-Home in Pittsfield funded projects:

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Contractors need to have, at the least, the construction supervisor specialty license listed in the table above. Other acceptable license types include: Construction Supervisor Specialty License (CSSL) One & Two Family or Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Unrestricted. Also, the Department of Community Development may be able to assist with initial cost of Lead Safe Renovator training, if the contractor is otherwise qualified.

For more information on the application and program details, please contact Rehabilitation Specialist John Carchedi at 413-499-9452

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