As I have mentioned in the past, Berkshire County folks love capturing wildlife on their cell phones, and why not? It's a fun hobby especially if nobody is getting hurt. With the benefit of technology, we get to see animals in the wild do things that we wouldn't have been able to capture as easily decades ago. It seems like this year the bears are really making their way on camera as seen here.

We have seen national news stories where bears walk right into homes as they are on the hunt for food. This is a great reminder to keep your doors and windows shut and locked tight especially if you live in a heavily wooded area. However, there are other videos that people have shared online that include bears, bobcats, beavers, moose, dear, etc. simply out in nature, minding their own business and doing what they need to do to in order to survive.

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Sometimes, Even Wild Animals Need to Take Some Time Out to Play...Get Ready for the Ultimate in Cuteness 

In a video that was posted last year and reposted on August 25 by Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams, we get to see a mama bear and her cubs roam about in nature. The bear cubs are really having a good time playing, prancing, and jumping around. Don't you just love the simple pleasures in life? I know I have said this often in past posts, but this video will really bring a smile to your face. How could it not? This is simply adorable.

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