We're no strangers to crazy weather here in The Berkshires, so Wednesday we all had our fingers crossed the rain would stop and the sun would come out for week three of our free community concert series, Live on The Lake. Well, we got half our wish.

While we didn't see the sun shine, that didn't stop the Hotshot Hillbillies from absolutely knocking it out of the park, or out of the lake as the case my be. The rain let up enough for Wendy Walz Jim Dignum, Mike Basiliere and Bill O'Connor aka "O.C." to take the stage and gave the smaller than normal crowd a reason to be thankful they came out.  While musically the band was very impressive, I would say the thing that really blew me away about Hotshot Hillbillies was what a great attitude they brought to the show. Despite the crappy weather and smaller crowd that the band voted Best in the Berkshires 2017 is used to, they brought as much enthusiasm and heart as if they we're playing a sold out stadium.

We don't care if it's five people, or five thousand, we're going to give them a great show.

Jim Dignum, Guitar, Fiddle & Vocals


From classic county like Johnny Cash, to more contemporary covers like Wagon Wheel, H.H. brought their A game. While it's no secret I'm not a huge country music fan, I couldn't help but tap my foot to the perfectly tuned twangy guitars and Wendy's sultry vocals. A highlight of the night was Jim busting out his fiddle on the bands last song, and dazzling the crowd with his string skills. It really was something.

Our friend Matt Martin from Mildred Elley braved the clouds and brought tons of fun M.E. swag like neon sun glasses that everyone loved, including the Pittsfield Police Officers working the event. Domino's didn't let a little Berkshire summer weather detour them from serving up hot, cheesy slices of pie for the crown to enjoy and kept everyone's pallet quenched.

As always, we had a great time playing cornhole during intermission, and the smaller crowd made the lines move nice and quickly, and lots of listeners walked away winning Live 95.9 t-shirts.

If you guys missed Hotshot Hillbillies this past Wednesday, you can check them out at Berkshire County Kid's Place fundraiser Jimmy's Ride, 1:30 pm this Saturday at Bosquet Mountain. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

We're looking forward to Shyne taking the city stage next week, and fingers crossed, the sun will be shinning as well.




Matt Martin, Mildred Elley
Matt Martin, Mildred Elley










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