Winter is a fact of life here in Massachusetts. The temperatures seem to be dropping like gravity itself. Christmas items are starting to hit store shelves. For the first time today, I actually had to put a sweater on to go outside. Thankfully the heater in my car is like an oven. I drive Toyotas so why not right?

According to the farmer's almanac the coldest months predicted are January and February for western Massachusetts. However, the month of December is where we need to watch out for heavy snowfall. Fun fact, last year's prediction was 50% accurate so we're looking a 50/50 chance for the same predictions this winter season.

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Here's a photo I snapped 4 years ago today of the first snowfall on Mount Greylock:

Ryan Pause (Mount Greylock First Snowfall 2018)
Ryan Pause (Mount Greylock First Snowfall 2018)

Of course, forecasts predicted this early are not 100% accurate but we do get ideas on what to expect this winter. Afterall, it's never too early to prepare. That reminds me, I got to pull out the snow shovels from the basement.

To be honest, last year's winter wasn't too brutal if you remember. I remember there was only a very few storms that caused for concern but other than that it was pretty mild. Heck, I remember one Christmas when it was 70 degrees out and everyone was driving around with their windows open. So, we shall see what mother nature has in store for us this winter here in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Afterall, we have to expect the unexpected each year.

How much snow do you think we'll get this year? Let us know on our station app.

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