Just imagine drudging through the snow and ice from house to house sticking bundles of stuffed envelopes into mailboxes. The weather in Berkshire County is pretty crappy today, but they are out there, probably right now, getting your all-important bills, letters, and yes... even junk ads to you.

You know who I mean, of course. I'm talking about the hard-working force of mail carriers that get your mail to you, through all kinds of weather, without fail. That reminds me... Have you thanked your mail carrier today? Today is after all National Thank A Mail Carrier Day!

Mitch Conrad/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Mitch Conrad/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

The mail must go through!

You may have heard the unofficial "credo" of the United States Postal Service that begins "Neither snow nor rain...", etc. Although the post office never really made it an official motto, we generally feel like we can rely on these delivery diehards to get the job done even when the conditions are at their harshest.

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Did you thank your mail carrier today?

I'm thinking that there may be any number of ways that you can thank your mail carrier. You can certainly wait for them to come around, and thank them face to face. (Don't forget your mask, of course). You can simply leave a card at your mailbox that says "Thank You!" How about a Starbucks gift card? There may be limits to what a federal employee can accept, so you may want to check on that first. After all, we don't want to get them into trouble. I'm sure, that a simple "thank you" would mean an awful lot!

Wool Glove With Label With English Text Thank You. White Snow Background.


So what are you waiting for? Here they come! Go spread a little love.


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