Without question, Berkshire County is a prime destination for tourists. Visitors come from near and far to explore everything the Berkshires has to offer. Whether it's theater, hiking, exploring our natural landscapes, touring our museums, checking out antique shops, or attending live music, particularly in the summer season, Berkshire County can certainly keep a family busy.

Berkshire County Offers Some Great Activities for Kids

As a parent of a nearly two-year-old daughter, I have been thinking about activities that she may be interested in down the line and wonder what those options will look like in terms of availability in our county. For now, I'll have to wait and see. For me, growing up in the Berkshires I found plenty of activities to participate in including joining a basketball league, a bowling league, and then eventually finding what I really loved which was learning how to play drums. Those were some fun times as a kid growing up in Berkshire County.

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There's Always Room for More Youth Activities in the Berkshires 

With all of that said, you probably hear from time-to-time residents remarking that there isn't much to do or they would like to see more of this or that in our county. While there are many options for kids in the Berkshires, some folks would like to see more activities available to our youth locally. There's no denying that some towns in the county may have more options for children compared to other towns. To get a sense of what our local residents would like to see more of in terms of youth activities in the Berkshires, I went to Facebook and asked the following question:

What types of activities for kids would you like to see more of in the Berkshires?

Residents spoke out and gave us many responses/suggestions including respondents requesting affordably priced options. Again, many of these activities are available in the Berkshires, but these are activities that people would like to see more of in our fine county. Below are a number of Facebook responses in no particular order:


Art Classes

More Social Opportunities for Autistic Folks

Batting Cages (Indoor Batting Cages Too)

Be-a-Buddy, Not-a-Bully Programs

Indoor Bouncy House/Trampoline Options

More Bowling Options


Kid Friendly Concerts (Also Concerts Where Kids Can Perform)

Youth Cooking Classes

Hiking/Organized Hiking for Youth

More Horseback Riding Options

Mall/Shopping Options/Bring Back the Berkshire Mall

Miniature Golf (Including Indoor Mini Golf)

Non-Organized Activities (Kids Just Drop in and Have Fun....Low Pressure/Low Cost)

Theater and Plays Kids Can Attend and/or Participate

Roller Skating Rinks

Senior and Children Engagement Activities

More Skateboarding Options

Indoor/Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

Swimming Lessons in Natural Bodies of Water

Zip Line Options

Night Clubs/Dancing for Young Adults

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