There are a lot of us who have played Fantasy Football over the years and feel bad enough when our teams just can't compile enough wins to make the playoffs.

You put in your money, draft your team, do the research, hit the waiver wire, make trades and as confident as you may feel, it just doesn't happen for you. It is one thing to finish last place in your league, and although in most cases that can lead to a high draft pick next season, sometimes finishing on bottom can lead to some embarrassment.

Take local fantasy football enthusiast Cory Evangelisto, for example. Cory has joined a league that earns prizes for victories, playoff runs and hopeful championships, but also if you are at the bottom of the barrel. As I was driving around during my lunch break, I happened to drive by Cory paying the proverbial piper in the middle of Park Square. So, I decided to park and run over to get some more insight on his losing season and the punishment he as accrued.

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