State Police in both Massachusetts and Connecticut are sending out a warning to citizens about a scam that is being perpetrated over the phone by text, involving merchandise sales.

In Massachusetts, the scam involves t-shirts...

The Massachusetts State Police are warning the general public to be aware of scam text messages that are being sent to residents in the state. According to a post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, people have been receiving texts that appear to be coming from either the Massachusetts State Police or other police agencies.

If you get this text link, delete the text!

The scam is in the form of a link sent by text that is supposed to give the user $10 off of the cost of t-shirts. They say, if you get one of these texts, don't click the link. In fact, they warn that you should delete the text entirely as they are fraudulent and are not coming from them or any other legitimate police department.


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The Massachusetts State Police say that they have not and do not text citizens and that if you get one... it is definitely NOT from them.

In Connecticut, the scam involves a Connecticut State Police patch/logo...

State Police in Connecticut are warning residents that people have been receiving text messages relating to purchasing Connecticut State Police logo patches. According to a post on their Facebook page, they are NOT selling any items and would never send you a text message about the sale of an item.

A general warning...

Both the Massachusetts and Connecticut State Police warn that you should never click links that look suspicious and that doing so could lead to computer viruses. They say that if you are receiving these text messages, please ignore or delete them. The State Police in Connecticut suggests that you also take the additional step of blocking the phone number where the text came from and to generally beware of scammers!


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