What else can I say but Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! That would be the adjective I would use to describe the latest individual placed under arrest by Western Massachusetts Police for not learning his lesson.

Maybe I'm looking at the situation wrong but I would like to think that if I was foolish enough to commit a crime in the first place, then get busted for the crime and be placed under house arrest, the last thing I would do would be to commit another crime while I was awaiting trial for the first crime!

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According to the Springfield Police Department, this past Wednesday evening shortly after 8 p.m., members of several different law enforcement groups(Firearms, Emergency Services, etc.) working together on a criminal investigation recovered a large capacity ghost gun from a suspect who was wearing an ankle bracelet.

Turns out the man, 29-year-old Paul Gayle, was already under house arrest while awaiting trial on home invasion charges! Needless to say, Gayle was placed under arrest again and charged with several new offenses.

Springfield PD report that they received information that the suspect was in possession of a firearm so they applied for and obtained a search warrant for Gayle's home on the 0-100 block of Wellington St.

Gayle, who has a previous firearms conviction, is awaiting trial for a home invasion where he and other suspects are being accused of torturing and lighting a victim on fire leaving him to die back in September 2019. The victim suffered fourth-degree burns but managed to survive.

Wednesday night, after members of the Emergency Services Unit served the warrant, they found Gayle and eleven other individuals inside the home. Detectives subsequently found the ghost gun which was loaded with 16 rounds of ammo.

Gayle was arrested, all the others were released. Gayle was initially released on $10,000 bail for the home invasion charges but that bail was revoked during Thursday's arraignment on the new weapon charges.

As mentioned before, Gayle was charged on numerous counts including Possession of a Firearm without a License To Carry--Subsequent Offense. For more on the story, please visit Springfield PD's website here.

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