The citizens of Pittsfield complained and the City of Pittsfield listened! For the past three days a crew from the Department of Public Services, has been hard at work paving potholes all over the city.

On Tuesday, one crew headed to Sunderland in Franklin County to pick up 40 tons of blacktop for use throughout Pittsfield.  Meanwhile, two crews and contractors will continue to work throughout the week on some of the city's most traveled and most impacted streets and roads. Some of these include, but are not limited to, East New Lenox Road, Hubbard Avenue, Pecks Road, Seymour Street, East Street, and Dalton Avenue.

Potholes have hit The Berkshires especially hard this year, partly due the rapid and vast fluctuation in temperatues this winter has seen. Slater and I discussed this with Mayor Tyer when we spoke on Slater & Marjo in the Morning, including the challenges of patching during the winter months.

Check out this awesome video from City Hall's Facebook page, keeping us up to date on their work. Great Job!

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