Pittsfield Community Television stations are moving from channel numbers in the low, double-digits, into the four-digit realm.

For years, watching PCTV could always be found on channels 16, 17 and 18 and come March 6, they will be moving to 1301, 1302 and 1303. The change is due to Spectrum changing over to an all digital platform.

If that isn't enough, in order to watch PCTV channels on Spectrum, you would need to order a digital cable box because the company will be encrypting the digital system. What does that mean? No matter what kind of TV you have, if you want to watch PCTV, it is going to cost you.

While PCTV is aware that very little can be done, but for those who want to support the community's television stations, they are asking Pittsfield residents to shout out their frustrations.

"You may have heard about Spectrum switching all cable subscribers over to digital, but did you hear that Pittsfield TV is being slammed out of our current channel locations? We're not likely to stop it - but we can feel better about "Shouting Into The Wind" about this frustrating change," PCTV said via their Facebook page. If you are looking for an example, they also put together a video.

According to iBerkshires.com, PCTV Executive Director Shawn Serre asked for the Pittsfield City Council's support, as well as to join the fight to keep programming where it has been for many, many years.


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