Last week, our Question of the Week had to do with the proposed toter program in the City of Pittsfield. After well over 1,000 votes, the voting seemed to be in the direction of a "No." However, the new addition of public meetings with Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer will be happening to better educate those who have questions that need to be answered.

This week, due to a lot of conversations about it, we will focus on the roads throughout Berkshire County. The pothole situation in the area has been a topical one, and it seems that people have reacted in a number of different ways. Some say that haven't really noticed it, while others have said that this is the worst winter for potholes we have ever had.

This week's Live 95.9 Question of the Week -- How bad is the pothole situation in the Berkshires this winter? Whether it is just in Pittsfield, outside of Pittsfield, what have you seen? Let us know by voting in the poll below. If you give it a "10", it means it is as bad as you have seen. If you give it a "1", it means that it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. This is based on your interpretation and what you have seen.

Slater & Marjo will recap the results on Friday morning.

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