Throughout the Berkshires, there's plenty of amazing scenery to choose from that we can often take for granted. And as summer is coming to a close, as is the end of this week, we could all stand to take in a minute of the Berkshires beauty to calm ourselves, regardless of whatever else it is that's going on around us.

It's important for anyone's mental health to take a minute to pause and reset before jumping to the next task, or in some cases, the next adventure they are about to embark on throughout their day, week, month, or even their year (no, I promise this is not turning into the theme song from 'FRIENDS').

But recently one local TikTok user posted a video from Pittsfield that seems like it could be a perfect cleanser before jumping into the weekend.

Mandy Leah Oliver is right. Sometimes we really do need to take a minute and just breathe. We are pretty lucky that Pittsfield and the entire Berkshires has plenty of this awesome scenery to take in and help clear our head.

We can all be dealing with a lot sometimes. I'm definitely not a therapist, but I do know that it's important for anyone's mental health to pause and take some time to themselves so they can get through whatever it is that they may be dealing with. This particular video just happened to seem like it could be in the right place at the right time for at least someone out there.

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