We know that Pittsfield and North Adams are the two cities in Berkshire County, and also the most populated.  As of the 2020 census, Pittsfield had a population of 43,927 and North Adams had a population of 12,961.

However, I was talking to someone recently who was surprised about the most populated towns in Berkshire County, specifically which town was number one.  Can you name the top five most populated towns in Berkshire County?  See if you guess correctly before looking at the list below…

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  • Adams.  Yep, Adams!  With a population of 8,166, my current hometown is the largest town by population in Berkshire County.  It’s not surprising.  It’s a relatively short drive to Pittsfield if you work there but don’t want to live there, and the housing prices in Adams are still on the more affordable side (by Berkshire County standards).  Combined with beautiful scenery, Mount Greylock, a large portion of the Ashuwillticook Trail, and the up-and-coming Greylock Glen development, it’s not surprising more people call Adams home than any other town in Berkshire County.
  • Williamstown.  Another north county representative comes in at number two.  It’s a beautiful town with a population of 7,513.  It’s of course home to Williams College and the Clark Art Museum, and the public schools in Williamstown always rank towards the top in Massachusetts.
  • Great Barrington. This lively south county town comes in as the third most populated town in Berkshire County.  Great Barrington has a vibrant downtown, arts scene, tons of locally owned businesses, and is less than a three hour drive to both New York City and Boston.  Having a population of 7,172, I feel like it would be even higher on the list except for the exorbitant home prices.
  • Dalton.  This central Berkshire town lands in the top 5 with a population of 6,330.  Home of Wahconah Falls, one of the best waterfalls in Massachusetts, Dalton is also close to Pittsfield for those who want to work there, but live in a quieter town.  In addition, for its size, Dalton has lots of connections to Major League Baseball, including Jeff Reardon, Turk Wendell, and Dan Duquette.
  • Lee.  My hometown growing up, Lee rounds out the top 5 most populated towns in Berkshire County with a population of 5,788.  “The Gateway to the Berkshires” is just that, with a turnpike exit and the popular Lee Outlet Village.  There’s lots of beauty in Lee also, from October Mountain State Forest to Beartown State Forest to Highlawn Farm, where I grew up.  Lee is also famous for its marble.

There you have it, the top 5 most populated towns in Berkshire County as of the 2020 census.  I’m sure the numbers have changed slightly from 2020, but I doubt it’s enough to knock any of these towns out of their current position.

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