During a press conference today ( in Salem of all places) Gov. Charlie Baker said he would not impose a statewide recommendation on Trick-or-Treat, but did speak on how residents could safely celebrate Halloween this year.

Baker said his administration will soon be releasing "tips and advice" but not "rules or mandates" for Halloween holiday. He said he wanted to leave the decision up to individual communities based on each municipalities individual circumstances

Ahead of issuing that advice, the governor did suggest several safety precautions, the most prevalent among those was his stern reminder that "indoor Halloween parties are a really bad idea."

We've said many, many times based on the advice and the guidance of so many that outdoor is better than indoor. And indoor Halloween parties are simply the wrong way to safely celebrate this particular holiday

Gov. Charlie Baker

The administration gave out advice for trick-or-treating that is consistent with existing advice on gatherings from state and health officials.

"Small groups, don't go out in big groups. If you can go out with just your kids, that would be best of all. Wear a mask, and not just a mask of Superman or Wonder Woman, a real mask"

For residents that decide to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, Baker suggested placing the wrapped or bagged treats on a cookie sheet and using that to hand the items to visitors and encouraged any idea that minimalized hand to hand contact.

Lastly, the governor shared one piece of advice that applies to Halloween, regardless of the pandemic, "Moms and dads should take a very good look at everything that's inside the bag".

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