Over the past couple of days, I have noticed here at WSBS Radio in Great Barrington a particular pest popping up around the station. That particular pest is an insect known as the Stink bug. Stink bugs have been crawling and swarming around the station here in Great Barrington. I'll see stink bugs pop up from time to time but why would I be seeing them in the fall?

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I went online to find out why I would be seeing them now. There are a couple of reasons. One is because Stink bugs can get into small cracks and openings which we definitely have here in the building. The other reason I would see them this particular time of year is that the weather is getting colder. This surprised me a bit. I always thought that Stink bugs came into buildings during warm climates but it's actually the opposite. According to School of Bugs, you'll see Stink bugs in your house or dwelling more often during cold weather months as the bugs can't handle the drop in temperature. Once winter ends and the temperatures start to warm up, they'll make their exit.

Are Stink bugs Harmful? 

The good news is stink bugs don't harm or attack people. I just find them annoying especially when you see groups of them. They may accidentally land on you but they really don't want to be around you. One other thing you should keep in mind is that you shouldn't squish them. This is because the odor that they give off after they are killed will attract more stink bugs into the territory. So, you may have to put up with these critters for the next few months. At least they are easygoing and aren't interested in bothering you. Live and let live.

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