When I got a Ring notification on my watch Sunday, I saw something I was NOT expecting to see. Not only did it startle me a little bit, but it also took me a second to figure out what it actually was.

Over 20 million homes in the United States have some kind of video doorbell, says Business Wire, and I am one of those people. I realize that there is some debate surrounding these cameras and the privacy you give up by subscribing to certain carriers, but for me the sense of security it offers is well worth it.

When my front door camera sense motion is sends a thumbnail preview to my phone and my Apple Watch. It's basically a small still frame from the motion that triggered my camera. Most times its the mail carrier or UPS or FedEx (yes, I have an online shopping problem, what about it) but this time I got quite the surprise.

I'm standing over my kitchen sink, feel my watch buzz, look at my wrist and see this:

WTF?! I think I legitimately might have jumped a little when I first saw it. Like, is there a giant rodent at my door trying to push it open or what?

Obviously I quickly realized it was just a really funny angle of a harmless Berkshire County squirrel, but it definitely took me a minute to get there. The angle of the camera makes the squirrel's nose look extra long, like an anteater or something is all I could think of at first.

The full video does indeed confirm that it was just a little squirrel guy who had run up the railing of my front stairs at the perfect time.

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