Congratulations to Berkshire County's 'Pro Football Pick 'Em' winner, Anthony Lockenwitz of Pittsfield. Listeners had the opportunity to make their picks on our website all throughout the regular football season. Anthony had the best record with a score of 162. Anthony was following along closely and when he was notified, had a good feeling that he would come out on top in Berkshire County. Now Anthony moves on to the final step of the contest.

Moving forward, Anthony gets to predict the halftime and final scores of the Big Game on Feb. 2, with the opportunity to win some serious cash. If Anthony predicts either score correctly, he receives $1,000, and if he predicts both correctly Anthony will take home $10,000!

Some Facts About Anthony

Anthony played senior football at Lee Middle and High School. Anthony started doing the 2019/2020 'Pro Football Pick ‘Em' competition because he wanted to take his pro football predicting skills from YouTube to a whole new level. Anthony predicts pro football scores for the upcoming weeks and reviews the previous week’s predictions and he mostly gets a record over 0.500.

Good luck Anthony! We're keeping our fingers crossed for you.

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