The host location of many radio events, including several Take Home a Highlander grand finales, as well as Pittsfield's only ski area is for sale.

The Berkshire News Network has learned that Bousquet Ski Area, located on Dan Fox Drive, is on the market. The Berkshire Eagle was the first to report the news.

According to the Eagle's report, owner Sherry Roberts is selling the property so she can begin on the road to retirement. She has been a part of the ski area for over 25 years and took over as owner when George Jervas, her longtime partner, passed away.

The report states that sale includes 155 acres, including the summit of Yokun Ridge, 22 trails, along with structures and "key equipment." The plan is to market the property locally in the Berkshires at first, until around spring time, before taking it outside of the county.

Bousquet is one of the oldest ski areas in the country and has a rich history that began in 1932.

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