There is an opioid epidemic plaguing the country and it's painfully obvious that right here at home in Berkshire Country, we're not immune. In fact it seems to be quite opposite, when once a week I feel like I open to paper to an obituary of someone who lost their battle with the disease of addiction.

Many people throughout The Berkshires have been working tirelessly to provide support and treatment for those suffering, and as a culture we are taking steps in the right direction to erase the stigma that surrounds opioid addiction.  Despite all these efforts, we're still seeing people die, lives that could have possibly been spared with the proper use of the anti-overdose drug Narcan.

The Berkshire Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaboration, whose mission it is to mobilize resources and build capacity in Berkshire County to prevent the misuse/abuse of opioids, as well as to prevent opioid-related deaths, has partnered with Tapestry to present a free community Narcan training and access seminar.

Taking place June 24 at 9 a.m. or 6 p.m. at Berkshire Community College, this free group Narcan training is an essential part of overdose prevention education, where members of the community learn what an overdose looks like and what we can do to reverse them.

Narcan will be provided at this free event and is available to any community member, how ever, opioid drug users, friends and family are strongly encouraged to attend.

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