Working in Great Barrington, I get to speak with many community members, organizations, businesses, local residents, and more. Once in a while, the topic of the Great Barrington Police Department will come up and when it does, the folks who I'm speaking with regularly speak fondly and kindly of the department. There's no question that Chief Storti is leading a helpful, community-minded team. Sure they have to focus on crimes, emergencies, and public safety but when those issues aren't taking place, the Great Barrington Police Department is heavily involved with the community and local events.

The Great Barrington Police Department is Very Community-Minded 

I mentioned that the Great Barrington Police Department is actively involved in the community (see the list below). The department hosts open houses every so often; inviting the community in to tour the headquarters, hang out with their K-9 work dog, and even partake in some ice cream. Plus, the department is regularly out and about supporting community fundraising events like the Great Barrington Fire Department's annual car show and Great Barrington Rotary's Truck Day gathering just to name a few.

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How Would You Like to Join the Great Barrington Police Department? 

You have the opportunity to join the team as the department will be hosting a police officer entrance exam on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. at the Great Barrington Fire Department which is located at 37 State Road in Great Barrington. According to a press release that was sent to us from the Great Barrington Police Department, the registration deadline is Friday, Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. with an exam fee of $100. You can get complete details including registration detail by going here.

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