According to the National Weather Service, a significant winter storm is expected to hit southern New England over the weekend, with downpours moving into the region Friday night and lasting into Saturday night.

Rain could turn to snow at some point Saturday evening. The most accumulations are expected across the interior of the state, including higher terrains in Northern and Western Massachusetts according to NWS Boston/Norwood. The greatest amounts of snowfall - one to two inches - are forecast in high elevation areas of Berkshire County, as well as the Pioneer Valley and Worcester County. The majority of the state will see less than an inch of snowfall, though

However, snow could develop all the way to the coast, though, but there remains “considerable forecast uncertainty” given the complexity of the storm system.

The storm is expected to exit Sunday. Blustery conditions and below-normal temperatures will follow, though the forecast is subject to variability more than 72 hours out, according to forecasters

The track of the storm remains uncertain, which could have significant implications for the location, amount, and type of precipitation, as well as the wind direction over the coast waters
National Weather Service


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