The first-ever Deaf K-pop boy group is here and it turns out BTS' leader RM had a hand in helping them form.

According to their Instagram account, the group called Big O!cean is set to debut on April 20 with a remake of "Glow" by H.O.T.

They are the first Deaf boy group under PARASTAR Entertainment and all three members – Hyunjin, Chanyeon and Jiseok – are hard of hearing.

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The group uses sign language to sing, including Korean, American and International Sign Languages.

They've even done a sign language cover of BTS V's "Love Me Again."

In a recent interview, member Jiseok was asked if there are any other K-pop artists he would love for the group to collaborate with, and he mentioned RM.

"I love BTS RM," he said.

"I graduated from Seoul Samsung School, a school for people with hearing impairments. RM donated to our school's music education. I was a student back then," Jiseok explained.

"Thanks to him, I got a chance to discover dancing and come in contact with cover songs. I got more interested in music," he continued.

"It would be nice to do a collaboration with RM if I get a chance someday.

RM made the donation in honor of his 25th birthday in 2019.

According to Billboard, he donated 100 million Korean won, which is about $83,500, to the school's music education program.

"[RM] made the donation, expressing his will to help students with hearing difficulties enjoy music through various means," a school official said at the time.

BTS has become well-known for their support of up-and-coming musicians, various charities, their philanthropic efforts and more along with their fanbase, ARMY.

One of their biggest projects to date was their collaboration with UNICEF for the "Love Myself" campaign which promoted ending violence.

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