Despite some of the negative things that have gone "viral" on social media with kids these days, there is a lot of positive going on as well -- especially in our back yard.

Pittsfield Police officer Darren Derby announced on Thursday morning that two local kids, by the name of Franklin and Matthew, made an incredible donation of $1,000 towards "Operation Copsicle", a fundraising effort to purchase an ice cream truck for the department.

Not only was that donation made, but Franklin and Matthew kicked off a trend of efforts that netted an even bigger amount.

"Within minutes our good friend Officer Bobby White from the Basketball Cop Foundation stepped up," said the Pittsfield Police via a Facebook post. "He went a little further and challenged both his followers, and our community, to a match. If we could match the boys donation of $1,000, then he would also match the $1,000. Done and Done! Woohoo! Because of these two, within just a few hours we raised a total of $3,100 combined! Thank you!"

Franklin and Matthew did an amazing thing and we here at Live 95.9 take our hats off to these young men. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you can certainly do so. Officer White has left the fundraising page open, so you can make your donation right here.

Awesome job, guys!

Update: Since this story was published, another phenomenal act of giving had taken place. A local woman by the name of Rose Kubica would match Franklin and Matthew's $1,000 donation. In addition, Rose donated $300 extra to help replenish the bank accounts of the two young men who kicked off this incredible run of donations. 

"In less than 24 hours, Franklin and Matthew helped raise $5,750 for Operation Copsicle," said Officer Darren Derby. 

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